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What Comes Next?

Okay, I am Homaging (Ripping Off) Meg with this poll, but I give her stuff so it's okay ;) Basically, I have a lot of projects open and they serve as my outlet as I write my thesis. But my unfinished fics are growing and new ideas are demanding to be written. I need to get a handle on all of this. Whether you read my fic or not, feel free to vote. Whether you like my fic or not, feel free to vote ;) So...

Poll #576071 What Should I Write Next?

My question to you is: After I'm done the fic I am on now, which fic should I finish first?

First Encounters (Team goes back in time to save Pre-Stargate Daniel from assasination.)
Unspoken--Working Title (When Jack's mind regresses, the recently formed SG-1 must learn to trust each other in order to make things right.)
Partitions (An old Mayan artifact renders Daniel senseless. SG-1 embark on a quest to find Nick and the "giant aliens" in the hope of finding a cure.)
The Big Ori Epic Extravaganza--Obviously a joke title (The events of the past ten years come to a head when the Ori step up their program of universal conversion.Will include just about everyone in the SG-1 history, including some dead, some alive.)

Help me with my indecisiveness!
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