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Stargate SIMS: When AU's Collide

I thought just for fun I would post a bit from one of my other SIMS game. I started this one a little awhile ago, took some caps, and was going to post the story here on LJ, but never did. Now it's just too weird and confusing for me. Maybe I will follow up on it sometime ;)

But for your enjoyment, this is a different game.

SG-1 move into town, get a place together and decide they need a long vacation. Normal people who see each other every day might want to spend their personal time alone, or with other people, but not SG-1.

So, SG-1 get settled in, and some of the neighbors come by and greet them and they're...


Yes, Daniel came by to visit and Daniel greeted him immediately. As you can see below, they found common ground by discussing the klaxons that go off in the SGC. Sam doesn't seem to notice there are two different version of the same man behind her. Dishes are more important, of course.

Image hosted by

Daniel and Daniel decide to go into the living room and watch some TV. With...Daniel.

Image hosted by

As you can see, the three Daniels, who had never met an AU version of themselves before, took to each other quickly. Then, Jack came home and announced his presence. (Note Teal'c chatting away on the phone by the fishtank)

Image hosted by

Jack was fairly happy until he came inside and found...another Jack.

Image hosted by

Now, as shown above, Jack was not happy to see this other guy waltzing into his house. Jack all dressed up and going to work? Heck, he was making him look bad! It's not Jack's fault if he wanted to sleep in with his smiley faced underwear!

So, Jack kicked the AU Jack out of his house and got dressed only to find, to his surprise, three Daniels lounging in the living room. Flustered, Jack blurts out something nonsensical about kissing, which receives a non-committal stare from one of the Daniels.

Image hosted by

Okay, so maybe not so non-committal. Daniel flips out over what Jack said, and loses his mind while the other Daniel runs over to nab the prior Daniel's comfy chair. The third Daniel can't be bothered by his AU counterparts and goes to watch alien abductions on TV. Jack, trying to save face, offers friendship to the Daniels. Sam, meanwhile, takes to staring at Daniel's butt.

Image hosted by

Later on, they all part ways and Daniel goes to his room to reflect upon the day.

"Deary Diary, no surpise, Jack was an ass again, no matter which reality he's in."

Image hosted by

"Met my AU Alts today. One's nuts and the other is obsessed with flashing lights. And I think Sam's been oogling me. I really wish I'd brought my chess set."

Image hosted by

That night, Daniel is surprised with what waits outside. Jack apologizes, and the two of them play a peaceful game of midnight chess.

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