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The Root of the Problem

Well, I am starting to dig more deeply into the root of my problem here. Aside from those lingering self-doubts that many of us get (Am I good enough? My writing isn't as good as others..etc., etc.,)I think it has a lot to do with being overly critical. I mean critical on a personal level and also in general.

As far as writing in certain fandoms (like Stargate for example), it is difficult to write in it when everywhere I go, I get hit with negativity. The show is old now and in its twilight years--it's true that its not what it used to be. But it's still fairing better than X-Files in its twilight years. But when a show's direction changes and we're so used to getting something else, it's hard not to be critical.

There is a lot to be critical about. But there is a difference between constructive criticism and negativity. And I think getting caught up in heavy negativity can really bring a person down, and lessen the enjoyment of a show, or movie, or book, what have you.

This is supposed to be fun. It's a show. Or its a movie. Whatever you find interesting. I would rather embrace all the positive aspects and focus on that. I think it's more fun that way.

That being said, still haven't written anything :) But here are my thoughts on the episode named "Affinity."

Now remember, this is my opinion. Don't have to agree with me :)

Okay, no matter what anyone says, I still say this was a good episode. I know not many will agree with me, but I have been trying very hard not to let spoilers, negativity, and other things bring me down. I am failing miserably, but I won't give up.

Plot-wise, I think this story was interesting. We had elements of mystery and intrigue. Some of it was cliched, but it didn't bother me as much. The romance aspect of it I could have done without. (Really really done without) but at least it made sense to the story. The Sam/Pete thing was unnecessary, but their investigative team up was perfect, imo. The Teal'c/Krista thing was unnecessary (could have remained UST and still worked) but it was used as a plot point and not just to let Teal'c have his way. Because it was used in a more cohesive way, this particular story was handled better than Chimera, imo.

(Side note...people have gotten upset over eps like Chimera where Sam's story has no bearing on the main plot. I am one of those people. But stories like The Curse--though infinitely better--had Jack and Teal'c fishing. That might not be romance, but tell me how that added to the plot :P Though I would take that over stupid shippy moments any day!!)

I did not see any Sam/Jack ship in the show and the scene between the two of them did not bother me. People might be upset about it, but Jack asked her, so if anyone has a problem, take it up with Jack's character. That being said, I did like the fact that Jack picked up on something that was off with Sam. Shows how much of a good leader he is. I did *not* like her comment asking him if it had been different, because obviously he doesn't like to talk about stuff like that. That scene just made it even more clear to me that they shouldn't be together. That was a bad reflection on her character. I can see Sam having cold feet. She seems the type, but she shouldn't have left Pete hanging there. *sigh* It's a shame because Sam and Pete are cute together :)

I would have preferred Jack to have more scenes with Teal'c instead of having them with Sam.

I thought Daniel was very much in character in this episode. I was worried that at the beginning of the season, he was starting to unravel and that unnerved me, since he is the glue that is holding the show together for me. But once again, I felt Daniel was Daniel. I know most people have seen Daniel in character since the start, but there was something about him that was bothering me. I haven't seen it for the past few eps and I saw so much Daniel being Daniel in this ep, I was happy! It didn't bother me that Jack sent Daniel to check on Teal'c. Though Daniel cares deeply for Teal'c, we just saw that last episode and a repeat back to back wouldn't have worked. I also think that sometimes Daniel gets so involved in his work, he doesn't get involved with more "trival" matters, like seeing Teal'c might be causing some trouble. I wasn't offended that Jack didn't go there himself. Teal'c would have known something was up right away. I mean, he even knew that Jack sent Daniel. Teal'c is no dummy. I think it also speaks volumes that Jack sent Daniel. It means that Jack and Daniel are still close and that Jack trusts Daniel's compassionate and persuasive side to get the job done and then report back to him. It was implied, to me at least, and I don't thnk they have to spell everything out for us.

I also did not think what Daniel did at the end was out of character. Will this have a major impact later on? Probably. It was set up that way. But it was also interesting. Did Daniel cross the line though? I don't think so. Looks like he did go behind Jack's back, but it wouldn't be the first time he's just up and done something on his own. Daniel is a free spirit, and he'll do whatever he thinks is right. Personally, I think Daniel had no intention of doing that translation. I think he was stalling and buying time, and even thought maybe he could find another way out of it. Remember, when he received the phone call, they promised him proof that could free Teal'c of the charges. Krista's life was not mentioned. That being the case, I can see Daniel getting involved. To him, if he could get some info to find out what these guys were up to, it would work out. You can see that when he got there. I don't think he was naivee enough to be clueless as to what could happen if he didn't cooperate, but he's a positive guy and he was trying his best. When the sniper came into the picture, he was stuck. And then they added Krista to the matter. So by then, Daniel really was choiceless. He had to go. (I am assuming that Jack doesn't know. But I have no evidence to support either side of the argument.)

At the end, when he translated the Ancient text (How did they get it? Why? To be translated into Goa'uld? Doesn't anyone else find that interesting!!!), I still think he was in character. Yeah, this was a big big mistake for him. There will be consequences for his actions. And at first, I was miffed. But then I remembered, it's more realistic when things don't always go right.

If I put myself in Daniel's shoes, and I had the knowledge but knew if I didn't do what was told, someone would die, I would have complied. I couldn't live with the guilt otherwise. If Krista had not been involved, I can see Daniel being more defiant. But at this point, he had no choice. I think it would be very out of character for Daniel to have refused.

A side note on Daniel...he likes the History Channel :) All throughout the episode, I saw the old Daniel everywhere. No matter what conversation he had, his anthropological and archaeological background kept sticking in. I LOVED that!!! That scene in his office. The man can't talk about people's love lives without slipping into a lecture. He talked about it in Teal'c's apartment. The NID were after his skills as a LINGUIST. Not too mention his particular knowledge of the Ancients.

I have to admit that having Daniel in character like this with a NID flair was awesome. I wish they had brought in the NID much much sooner and made it more of a conspiracy plot. I think it would have worked better. We would have gotten more of Jack in protective commander mode, more peril, and more Sam/Pete investigative team! Not only that, then maybe we would have gotten some comfort.

The thing I hated most was no comfort! Daniel gets taken away--no comfort for his ordeal. Teal'c's first experience living on a normal person and he gets framed--no comfort! Sam gets hugs from Pete. What? That is just wrong. Great, she's engaged. Good for her. But Teal'c and Daniel needed some comfort. I am not saying a lot, but maybe an "are you okay?" to Daniel from Sam. or a scene with Jack and Teal'c. All it has to be is small. Very very small.

The NID/Trust aspect was nice. I like them. Some people don't. I think it brings a realistic edge to the show. I used to watch the X-Files and it had conspiracy every week. This is the government. Not everyone is nice like the folks at the SGC. (I keep wondering why we don't have as many not nice people at the SGC. Takes all kinds...)

Anyway, to sum it up, there were some great moments in this episode. The Daniel scenes, the beginning with the car accident, and the whole NID/Trust plotline. The thing that tainted this episode was the lovelife storyline for both Sam and Teal'c. It wasn't as distracting as in Chimera and didn't bother me as much, but it was still there. This isn't what Stargate is about. Most people would rather not have it.

Honestly, though, if we hadn't been hit over the head with so much romance last year, then this episode wouldn't be as noticable. Part of the problem is that we're all so focused on looking for the "bad" things, I think we sometimes lose perspective.

I'll file this in the missed potential file. It had great parts, but had some things that brought it down. They emphasized too much on the wrong parts. If they had delegated those things to the rear, and focused on the conspiracy aspect more, I think this episode would have been great!

And I am not saying these things as a Daniel fan. I LOVED the scenes with Sam/Pete going on investigative. I loved the Teal'c blending in scenes. Jack didn't have a lot to do, but he was involved and protective. So if they concentrated on the lovey-kissy aspect less, this would have been wonderful.

Naturally, this is my opinion only.
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