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The Monster that is Stress

Okay, I have noticed that I have put on a few pounds. Hmm. I've had a stressful year--not one of those everythigng oes wrong kind of deals, but where you just have so much on your mind that you get stress. I tend to eat when I am stressed.

That being the case, I am going to go and exercise now. I need to get energized because I want to write later and get some errands done.

But before I go, I am going to throw out some titles and see what you all think. I still may leave Voice of Ra as is, but here are few other ideas. Oh, and the themes of the story are control, conflict, struggle, self-preservation, learning and wisdom, conscience and truth. There are more, but that's good enough. All of these things kind of blend together for the story.

I am not really in love with any of them, but thought I would jot them down and share. Whatever I don't use, I'll likely use for other fics.

7)Shackles of Truth

That's all I got. I used to have some more I am so fickle.

Anyway, I want to workout before I chnage my mind.
Tags: writing: fanfic

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