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Icons Page!

Yay! I made my very first webpage from HTML! Wow. I feel accomplished. I usually use a cheater program. Maybe someday I can redo my other pages and spruce them up a bit.

But for now, this will do. I made a page that has most of my icons on it. Some I didn't put up on there because I forgot and some I made exclusively for people and they won't be there either. It's not a complex page, but I wasn't going to go all fancy since it has enough images on it already. The icons range from gen to shippy to a couple with some slashy subtext. Mainly, whatever you normally see here on my LJ everyday.

I am proud of me :)

If anyone is interested, they're up on my website:

If you have dialup, it'll take some time to load. I know how that goes...
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