November 24th, 2004

Dean Smiles

Identity and Reconstruction: Daniel: Part Seven of the Broken Dreams; Shattered Memories series

Alright, I think I fixed it! Grr, but I still have a lot of reformatting to do to make it 100% the way I want. The story is intact, its just the structure that is having a hard time going through for some reason.

So here it is, Part Seven. It was a lot of work but a ton of fun to write. I simply love exploring the theme of death and resurrection, and in this case, the affect it has on Daniel and those who have missed him, mourned him, and are glad to have him back. Most of my season seven fic deals with this theme either in passing or as the main storyline. It was fun back when I wrote it in the spring. And I think it's important, since I saw glimpses of it in Season Seven and still in Season Eight. I just wished the show would have dealt with Daniel's memories better.

Anyway, moving on now. Each story can be read alone, but to really get the full impact for this story, it's best to read all seven parts, especially Part Five (Scientific Inquiry: Sam) and Part Six (Cry for a Shadow: Jack) since they relate the most to the final part. Here it is:

I hope you all enjoyed the series!