January 25th, 2006

Dean Smiles

Website Update

I'ver gone ahead and given my fanfic page a facelift. All my other pages looks decent, but one of the first pages I have every made (that start off point for my fanfic) hasn't been changed or polished up in a long time. If you'd like, you can check out the new layout at:


Edit: Oops! In my effort to include all the big cast memebers in my banner, I forgot Landry! No! I have everyone else. I'll have to try to sneak him in.
Dean Smiles

stargatefic100 for Teal'c

I signed up to write for Teal'c for stargatefic100. Why Teal'c you might ask?

1) While I've been seeing a lot of Teal'c fic out there, there is never enough ;)
2) Most of my larger stories are about the team with a Daniel or Jack flare. This gives the chance to do somethign different.
3) I write shorter Teal'c fics. If I had to do Sam, Jack, or Daniel it would probably take years ;)

So, below the cut is my table :)

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