March 9th, 2006

Dean Smiles

School, Fandom, and Writing. Oh My!

Tuesday I went down to discuss "the thesis" with my advisor. After several instances of looking like an idiot over what I knew and did't know -- I wasn't expecting this to become a twenty questions session -- I rebounded with all the useless information I DO know. She informed me that I don't have much more research to do and basically it's just a matter of fleshing out some ideas and reorganizing.

Um wow. That sounded so final. I was so happy!

In other news, I have decided to take a year off. Just one year. None of this five year crap I did last time. So when fall rolls around I will be filling out applications. This gives me some breathing room and plenty of time to find additional aid in the event I don't get any. Even though doctorate programs have stipands and all, one can't take chances.

This also means I need to find a real job for a year, one preferably that will advance my career *groans* Do you know how hard it is to find jobs that have some kind of anthropological/archaeological bent to them? I'd love to teach at a community college for a year or work in a museum or something. But I've got no experience. *sigh*

As for fandom, I am still annoyed with it. I'm finding just about everything to be hypocritical. Then there are those who "step all over you to get ahead." Ahead? Of what? It's fandom! I don't understand. It's awful. I'm not having fun and I am not enjoying it, which is in turn affecting my fanfic writing. I am trying to find counter manuveurs to work around said annoyance so that I can get back to enjoying myself. It may be that I've lost a lot of fandom buddies lately, too. This is a work in progress.

tealc_ficathon is still open, too. Though I have done a lousy job at promoting it. Or explaining it. But that's been covered by the lovely people who are already signed up for it and are pimping it like crazy.

Still need to post the darn Teal'c Challenge too. Crap. I'd have already done it if I hadn't been sitting here feeling sorry for myself (That's a whole 'nother story.)

And finally, writing. Fanfic novel that is eating away my life is progressing. I'm up to page 59 now and over 20,000 words. Go me. Original novel ideas are coming together more and more each day. It looks as though I shall be starting my manuscript soon *gasp* Also working on my short story and will be sending that out soon.

Phew. And life keeps marching on...