May 24th, 2006


Texture, Wallpaper, and Randomness

Okay so last night I doodled a little and made my first wallpaper sized texture. It's kind of loud--not very soft and subtle, but I messed around and made a simple wallpaper a little while ago based on the texture. It's Stargate SG-1's Jack and Daniel--gen or slash. Whichever way you see it. You're free to take either one if you like. The results can be seen in the thumbnails below. The full sized versions are in my scrapbook. 

Random Texture

Random Texture
A mix of filters, colors and brushes
Jack and Daniel Wallpaper

In other news...continuing to job hunt. Played a little FFX-2 today for something different. I need to take out my stress on something ;) Though, I'm not sure if it worked. I lost half of what I did because I died. Oh well. I never claimed to be an awesome gamer. 

Back to exercising tomorrow as I took today as a day of rest.

Original fic continues to go fairly well, but not well enough. I have also started some icon fic for more people on my flist.

Hey, it's a start ;)