July 23rd, 2006

Dean Smiles

Fic: Cohesion

I felt like writing a missing scene for Morpheus. That's two weeks in a row which is unusual for me. I guess I just need a break from my long fics.

First time attempting Vala, so she might be a little off. I try to be as in-character as possible. So, not my best fic, but I don't think it's terrible. This fic is Cameron's pov. All of SG-1 is in it, but it's mostly Cam, Teal'c, Vala, and Carolyn.

Title: Cohesion
Fandom: SG-1
Author: Moonshayde
Season: Season Ten
Category: Drama, Humor, Missing Scene
Spoilers: Morpheus
Pairing/Character: Cameron, Vala, and the rest of SG-1.
Summary: As doubts and fears plague Cameron while SG-1 sleeps, he starts to learn the value of hope and togetherness.
Warnings: none
Rating: PG-13

A/N: Unbetaed at this point. All errors are my own. I also managed to squeeze Carolyn Lam into this fic as well.

Disclaimer: Stargate, Stargate SG-1 and all of its characters, titles, names, and back-story are the property of MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, Gekko Productions, SciFi Channel, and Showtime/Viacom. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. This story cannot be printed anywhere without the sole permission of the author. Realize this is for entertainment purposes only; no financial gain or profit has been gained from this fiction. This story is not meant to be an infringement on the rights of the above-mentioned establishments


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