January 28th, 2007

Dean Smiles

Sounding like Kathleen Turner

Yup. It's official. I am sick again. Voice has morphed beyond sexy and sultry now. The thing is I rarely get "real" sick. I get run down. I get stressed. I get blue. I get tummy upsets. But I may get legitimately sick maybe once a year, usually at least 9-12 months apart.

Second time I've gotten sick in the past 6 months! It must be the work environment. I started getting sick when I started working there.

So, since I'm sick I finished up an Sg-1 fic that I haven't posted yet, worked on my original stuff, and have made Smallville icons for the episode Labyrinth. Yay! Just a few. They're all Clark and one Clark/Lana (I know say what??? I *liked* that scene.) I don't have many SV fans on my flist and those who are don't like what I like, so...no one may care. But the icons are shareable in any event.

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Later, I may either watch MacGyver or Farscape. Or maybe even an SG-1 ep I've missed in the past: I still need to force myself to watch Prodigy (nothing against Sam; just hate Hailey), and my last 3 S6 eps...Prophecy, Foresaken, and Memento, I think. Or The Little Mermaid.

Whatever I watch, I'll bring more icons with me later.
Dean Smiles

And then I watched MacGyver

Bwah! I watched the pilot tonight. Can I just say that it rocks? I was expecting something way way cheesier than that considering it was the 80's. And heck, I like The A-Team and that was the embodiment of cheese.

But dang. It was good. And RDA was hot. I may become an RDA fan yet. I probably already am but I'm just in denial about it.

RDA, MS, CJ, and BB can all fight for my time and affection. I'm cool with that ;)

But OMG, MacGyver. I need MORE.