February 15th, 2007

Dean Smiles

Old Fanfic Woes

I was looking through some of my older SG-1 fic. Man. LOL It's so funny. Back then, I was so proud of the stories I had written. They were mainly missing scenes and the like, but I was very proud of them. Now I cringe.

Some have the dreaded fanon in them. *dies* The fanon wasn't always used because I believed in it, and was more of a shout out to canon or just to add some humor to a story. But sometimes I took it too far. Farther than I realized.

And the characterization is sooooo off in many of these. I bought into a lot of formatting that I saw in other fanfic which I no longer do myself. My Jack was horrible. He was too much in the dumb!Jack arena. There was not enough balance, even when I was trying to show that he is smart. My Sam isn't too bad, but that is because I busted my butt with her and editted her to death. Teal'c is okay. Daniel...too weak for my likes. And many of these fics had borderline character-worship *blech*

I think my characters are stronger and more balanced now. It's amazing just how much other fanfic and the fandom itself can influence your writing. Even when I was trying to be subversive at times, especially in these early pieces, I am very much a product of different aspects of fandom at the time. It's embarassing but also fascinating all at once.

At least my writing as improved and I have something to laugh about.