June 2nd, 2007

Dean Smiles

A Bit About Me

First of all, welcome to all the new people on my flist. I can't promise this will be the most entertaining journal in the universe, but I can be chatty and excitable from time to time.

I've hit a bit of a lull, but I'm sure to post some discussions soon or as the mood strikes me. Currently, RL is a bit crazy, so I'm quieter than normal and slightly out of touch with fannish activities. And my original writing world is kind of bustling hard right now and most of my energies are there at the moment. I know it's a good thing because I have a good feeling about my projects, but it also limits me in fandom. *sniff* It's just original fic trumps fandom. But I still love reading what you all post.

Just to get up to speed, here is a little bit about me for the new people and for anyone who is bored. Or maybe you've know me for a long time and didn't know some of this about me :)

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So, this is me. I have some memes and stuff I'm going to post later. I still want to do my personal fanon one and I have another I want to post that goes more into the way I see SG-1 fandom. And then I have to work on my novel. I was out all day yesterday and didn't get a single word in. This is something I must do after I go to my friend's kid's b-day party today.

Ten Things I Will Not Apologize For in SG-1 Fandom

Since the show is coming to a close very soon, I thought I'd look back at the fandom a bit. These are some of my feelings on the SG-1 fandom. It's not everything I think and feel, but they are important points. My involvement as definitely lessened over time and will likely continue to lessen due to my original fic commitments. Yet, at the same time I know I won't be leaving completely. Not right now, anyway.

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SG-1 has been great. I still love it and I always will. And yay for the net so it can continue to live on :)