June 17th, 2007

Dean Smiles

Celebrating Finale Week: JACK

To kick things off, let's talk Jack, shall we?

You can't talk Stargate without Jack O'Neill, the man of many sides, because only the man can stick it to the man. We've seen the military man, the soldier, the Black Ops specialist. We've seen the leader, the hero, and the friend. We've seen a man shaped by tragedy and pain, a man that became so wounded he nearly commited suicide, but we've also seen that same man refind himself and move on.

He may not ever completely heal, but he's recaptured some of that spark of life again. And it's this spark and need that drives him, keeps him focused, and allows him to keep those under his comamnd, his teammates, and his friends in line so they can live to fight another day.

Whether you enjoy strategist!Jack, angsty!Jack, smart!Jack, playingdumb!Jack, wounded!Jack, whumped!Jack, witty!Jack, team!Jack, cranky!Jack -- the list goes on and on -- please come here and post and share your joy. Drabbles, ficlets, links, vids, meta, icons, banners, wallpaper, squee, episode caps, pictures, episode discussion, fave one-liners, fave moments, fave episodes...give it your all, people! This is all about sharing :)

As someone once said, and I don't have the proper cite, "Jack is a family man without a family."

How true. But in his years with SG-1, either on the team or supporting the team from afar, he's established a new family. They will never replace what he's lost, but we know he'd do anything for them.


Possible topics to get things going...

What's your fave Jack episode?
What's your fave Jack line?
How does the word respect apply to Jack? Duty? Pain? Forgiveness? Loss? Friendship?
If you could sum up Jack in one word, what would it be?
Post a drabble or ficlet for the word "forever."
Why did Jack take the Washington DC assignment?
What are your thoughts on the dynamic between Jack and Hammond?
Post icons that are inspired by "deadly" or "satisfied."

Post about ANYTHING that celebrates Jack. Get going. You know you want to ;)