June 18th, 2007

Dean Smiles

Celebrating Finale Week: DANIEL

Today, we celebrate Daniel.

Daniel Jackson - multiple PhD holder, speaker of many many many languages. Anthropologist. Linguist. Archaeologist. Egyptologist.

Daniel brought to the team an unparalleled sense of wonder, and often acts as the moral voice of the team, mostly in the early years. His curiosity and search for knowledge are among his greatest strenghs and also his greatest faults. At times arrogant, Daniel can be a dangerous force once he has his mind set on something. He's not just a man that knows he's right. He is right. And he won't stop until he's proven so.

At the same time, Daniel doesn't search for praise, awards, or accolades. He is content to learn and explore. But he's restless and that restlessness can often take him away from his friends and those he loves.

Like Jack, Daniel is no stranger to tragedy. It's helped shpae who he is and who he'll become. But in the end, Daniel is unwavering in his support for those he lets into his bubble and he's not afraid to die for them.

So, why do you love Daniel?


Possible topics, but feel free to post anything.

*When did Daniel first start to show adaptation to the military mindset?
*What is your fave Daniel line?
*What is your fave Daniel episode?
*If you could sum up Daniel in one word, what would it be?
*Write a drabble for the word "unyielding" or "discovery"
*Create an icon on the theme of "undying"
*How do you think Ascension impacted Daniel?

Again, post anything Daniel related!

(And remember, you can always come back to share the love. Don't miss out on yesterday's theme which was Jack.)