June 20th, 2007

Dean Smiles

Celebrating Finale Week: TEAL'C

Ah, Teal'c.

Ex-Prime of Apohpis, one of the leaders of the Jaffa, warrior, father, friend.

Over the years, Teal'c has shown many sides. When he first joined SG-1, he was reserved both in manner and in speech. As the years passed, he become more open about his passions, his fears, and his goals, while his latent sense of humor emerged. Teal'c grew more and more comfortable on Earth and found himself in a difficult position as he become identified more with the Tau'ri than the Jaffa.

Yet, Teal'c never abandoned his cause and he still fights for his people. Only now, "his people" are both the Tau'ri and the Jaffa.

So, what do you love about Teal'c?


Possible topics:

*What is your fave Teal'c episode?
*What is your face Teal'c line? (God, there are so many of them.)
*Why do you think Teal'c decided to stay with the Tau'ri over the free Jaffa?
*Write a ficlet or a drabble with the prompts "honor" or "smile."
*Post an icon with the theme fighter.
*If you could describe Teal'c in one word, what would it be?
*If Teal'c had the chance to change one thing in his life over the years, what do you think it would be?

Feel free to post ficlets, drabbles, links, pictures, icons, or any other discussion to celebrate Teal'c.

And remember to share the love and join in celebrating Jack, Daniel, and Sam.