December 8th, 2007

Dean Smiles

Fandomy Stuff - The Run Down

If you enjoy Farscape and you've never gone to Farscape Fantasy, then get your butt over there. There are tons of videoes for your viewing pleasure and I've snatched a couple of faves from there. I've had the link for a while, but I'm a bad bad fan when it comes to sharing. Eeep!

I shall be beginning my dabbling into the sg1teamficathon at some point today. Obviously, the fic made for me goes first :)

I've decided I don't have enough funny in my life. (Consequently, this is why I am having trouble writing angst or reading any dark fic right now. I need laughter in my life.) I need funny icons and funny vids and funny everything. Multifandom, preferrably. Any reccs would be great. I'll probably work on some stuff of my own later.

And meg_tdj the banner for the last Dan/Jan challenge should be wrapped up this weekend, promise. This weekend is all about me relaxing so it'll get done.

I've discovered I'm stalling again. I haven't watched SGA. I've come to a stop with Lois and Clark. I haven't finished Farscape. I still need to finally finish Prodigy for SG-1. I haven't finished the season of Macgyver I have. And I've still missed several Smallville eps. I just don't like to have things done! *cries* I must remedy that.

Had a freaky Smallville dream last night that would make a cool story. Chloe, Clark, and Lois centric. However, Sam and Dean were there making a cameo appearance and that got odd for a sec.

I need to rediscover SG-1 vids. I haven't watched any in a long time, save for Last Beautiful Girl by Callea Veda, one of my fave Sam vids. I have some other awesome ones that I lost long ago and others saved to disc and need to pull out.

I also need to find me some non-sappy X-Files vids.

That is the state of fandom today thus far. Carry on. :)