March 11th, 2008

Dean Smiles

SPN Fic: Unfree Spirit

This is super short, so not really a fic, but I keep promising someone I'll finish my SPN fic and I keep dragging my feet...

I don't foresee me being as prolific with Supernatural as SG-1, just like I've written for Smallville before and that's been short. I also don't expect to be writing as much fanfic as I used to period, but regardless I do have a site where I'll be keeping what I have written:

Title: Unfree Spirit
Author: Moonshayde
Season: Three
Category: Angst, Missing Scene
Spoilers: Mystery Spot
Summary: Whether in Hell or on Earth, their spirits can never be free.
Word Count: 189
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Supernatural and its characters are the property of Eric Kripke and co. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. This is for entertainment purposes only; no financial profit has been gained from this story. This story is not mean to infringe upon the rights of the above-mentioned establishments.

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