June 23rd, 2008

Luke and Vader

Getting to Know

I know that I have a lot of new people on my flist. I've also had a very hectic schedule lately, but I'd love to start a conversation. One of the most important factors about the Internet to me is the ability to communicate and make connections.

So, in the spirit of communication, I encourage you to ask me anything you want. Is there a topic you would love to discuss? Fandom? Real world? Anything about me you'd like to know or talk about? New flisters and old, go right ahead. This is a way to break the ice or become reacquainted with each other. It's not a meme, but feel free to post something similar on your LJ.

If for whatever reason, I am unable to answer the question or I'm uncomfortable with it, I politely tell you so, but I won't close the door on conversation. So don't be shy and don't worry about what I might think. I'm pretty open-minded :)
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