August 22nd, 2008


Fanfic Question Meme

You know, I was going to make one of these and then I found this via platysseus. Excellent. Saves me the trouble :)

1)How about a brief introduction of yourself?
If you're here, you probably know that I love to write. I've written in several fandoms, but I've mostly been active in SG-1 and Supernatural. I do dabble a bit in other fandoms too, like Smallville and Dark Angel. My fanfic time is very small these days since I work mostly on original fiction.

2)Fabulous, and what got you into fanfiction to begin with?
Before I even knew what it was, I was writing it. I just wanted to hear more adventures in the Star Wars universe and the published EU books really weren't doing it for me. And this was before they were even called EU. I didn't know it was an actual fannish movement until I discovered SG-1 and the internet.

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