August 29th, 2008

Max in Color

Fandom Free For All

I mentioned this the other day, but this time I'm actually able to participate. I found a prompt that oddly enough I'd just completed for fun myself so I was able to link that fic for the prompt. Having done so, I decided to post my own.

You can find my prompts here and the main thread is here.

And if no one writes the fic requests, I will just do them myself some day. In fact, even if I do get some fic written for me - which I doubt because I mostly requested plotty gen fic - I may just write some for fun anyway. Yay fandoms!  No SG-1 prompts from me this time (sadly) because I've been in so many ficathons that I couldn't think of anything else! I may troll around some more later though to see if there are any other prompts that I could do for people.

But right now, I have to go back to work on my novel.

*scurries off*
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