August 30th, 2008


First Lines Meme

So everyone is doing that first lines meme and I thought I would play. I am lazy, though, so I am not doing them all, and I'm not even doing 20.

Post the first lines from your last 20 15 stories and look for patterns.

1. He was invincible.

2. Dean pulled the Impala to the side of the road and threw her into park.

3. "He's awake! Hold him down!"

4. He didn't know why he'd come.

5. No more desperate, sloppy, needy Dean.

6. She felt like she was leaving a lifetime behind her.

7. Dean stared at the lifeless reflection in the mirror.

8. If Daniel hadn't been so engrossed in his book, he might have noticed the oddity sitting in front of him.

9. Out of all the monsters they'd hunted over the years, Sam never had expected this.

10. The sound of the crackling fire assailed his ears, burning a scar deep into his memory, one he knew that he would carry forever.

11. It wasn't so much a race against time, but a race against nature.

12. Every night she would lie in bed listening to the distant winds outside her window.

13. "This is different."

14. He just knew this was going to be better than Monty Python.

15. Teal'c stopped for what seemed like the hundredth time in the past twenty minutes.

Uh...since this is a fairly varied sampling of fic from different fandoms, I'm not sure what patterns there are. I obviously like to try to start with some kind of hook, something that is meant to have the reader want to read the next line. Not all of these first lines are like that. Sometimes I start with dialogue, but mostly here I don't. I seem to favor pronouns over actual names in the first sentence.

Maybe there are other patterns I'm missing. Hmm.

In other news, I'm starting to reopen some flocked posts that got accidentally flocked when I went semi-friends only. They are so old that it shouldn't affect your flist anyway. And I'm going to do some tagging. I always forget to do that.

I also learned through flipping through my LJ I fell for SPN a lot earlier than I thought.  I always figured that watching the S2 DVDs is what made me an SPN fan. But in reality I was showing definite signs as early as October of last year during S3. I didn't get the S2 DVDs until Christmas. I think I was standing at the edge of the cliff to begin with and S2* just pushed me over.

Yay for violent metaphors...

*I had already seen all of S1 via DVD and part of S2 prior to getting the DVDs, but not much. I had already seen the last 20 minutes of a rerun of In My Time of Dying (my very first SPN episode which prompted me to buy the S1 DVDs), Crossroad Blues, The Usual Suspects, Croatoan, Roadkill, and Heart. Incidentally, I gave up the show after watching Heart. I was nudged into watching Playthings and Tall Tales on The CW website as well as Hollywood Babylon, but I refused to watch Houses of the Holy or Born Under a Bad Side. Stupid me. I came back for the finale, but wasn't sure if I would stick around for S3. Guess I did.
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