September 7th, 2008


In Where I Promote

Fall Season is starting soon for TV and we all have our personal faves, so I am going to take just a brief moment to promote my current fave on-air show: Supernatural.

Just hear me out, please ;)

I would love more of my flist to give the show a try. I never pimp lightly. It's a great show and I would love to be able to have some conversations with you since you so rock in the intelligence and depth department. If you've been on the fence about the show, here are a couple of thematic highlights that hooked me and may hook you:
  1. Free will vs Destiny
  2. Parallels between demons and humans (what is humanity?)
  3. The fear of hunters becoming what they hunt
  4. Who you are vs who you appear to be
  5. Consequences for actions taken

There are many many more, but these are the ones that really stand out for me.

What cemented me to this show is the story about family. X-Files took the complicated relationship and bond between a man and woman who worked together and pretty much perfected UST/partner relationships for this genre. SPN follows the same angst-ridden formula as XF (and Farscape) but uses it for familial relationships.

We have repetition and parallels. There are the sins of the father inherited by the sons. There are codependency issues. And everything has consequences. The emotional depth between John, Sam, Dean, and some other characters is so strong it's painful to watch. It literally makes me ache. Very few shows have done that for me. And then I ache when I realize what people could be missing.

ETA: Plus, like XF and my other fave shows, it's funny and fun and doesn't always take itself seriously :) Thanks anon commenter for reminding me!

I am first and foremost a storyteller. I look at everything in terms of story. Story and character drew me into this show. Therefore, I find story and character this shows biggest strengths and it's one of the more tightly written shows on TV. If you are looking for romance or other angles, this show is weaker on those fronts. And yes, the boys are pretty, but that isn't what hooked me. In fact, I thought they weren't very attractive when I started watching. It's the plot, character, and acting that changed my mind.

I know it's not everyone's cuppa. It is a horror show and has scenes that can be gory in a similiar vein as The X-Files. It follows a particular point of view and mythology. But if you like character-driven and atmospheric shows with awesome acting that tends to go beyond regular TV, I can't recommend this show enough. I'm not going to pretend it doesn't have problems since every show does - and if you have some concerns I can give you an honest answer on them - but the work that is put into this show doesn't stop impressing me. And it takes quite a bit to impress me ;)

So if you're like me and are avoiding the show because people won't shut up about it, try not to be the same. I'm kicking myself over being so stubborn now LOL

And that is my pimping for the fall. Thank you for listening. Moving on...