October 16th, 2008


SPN Question #1

There are a couple of things on my mind about Supernatural - actually more than a couple but I feel like talking about two of them today - so I am going to post them on my LJ. The first one is completely spoiler-free and only refers to the S4 eps that have already aired. The second question is based on the premise of next week's episode but I'll post that in a separate entry.

Please keep spoilers out of the comments. Thanks :)

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what's happening

SPN Question #2

My previous question was in another post. This question, however, is based on the premise/part of the blurb describing next week's episode, so if you consider that spoilery don't click. Something about it has been nagging at me and I wanted to discuss with anyone interested.

Please be careful with spoilers in the comments. I really only want to discuss this aspect.

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