December 31st, 2008

Dean Smiles

SV Fic: Silent Exchanges (Clark/Lois)

I forgot to post this. I also need to update my master lists and I want to that end of year fic meme thing...

Title: Silent Exchanges
Author: moonshayde
Series: Smallville
Season: Eight
Prompt: #13 Gift Wrap
Category: Humor, UST
Spoilers: Through Bride
Summary: Sometimes the best gifts aren't the ones we're expecting.
Word Count: 1349
Rating: PG

A/N: Written for the prompt #13 "GIFT WRAP" for 12days_of_clois Story takes place after Bride sometime and assumes that storyline is finished. This is currently unbetaed and I'm sorry about that. But I am happy to say this is my first clois challenege fic ever.

Disclaimer: Characters and universe doesn't belong to me. No copyright infringement intended. No profit being made.

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