January 5th, 2009

John Winchester

Day 5 and already procrastination?

Snap out of it, me! Snap out of it!

Ah, there should be a song called "Kerri the Procrastinator"

So I was thinking about my wing!fic that I can't work on much right now and how I could bring John into it since its S4 AU and all. And I was thinking if I brought him in and if I decided to go all out, it'd go something like this:

Collapse )

Who else thinks that "Sweet Home Alabama" by Kid Rock reminds them of a younger Dean?

Yeah, I'm in avoidance mode. I keep getting distracted. Oh shiny...
Dean Smiles

Friends Cuts

Yes, I know everyone is doing it, but it really is that time again. I'll be cutting in the next day or so.

If you get cut, it's because:

1. You have had an inactive journal for months.
2. We have vastly different interests and never clicked beyond a couple of posts.
3. We used to talk, but we've drifted and rarely speak anymore.

Some of you are very lovely people and I would rather not make the cut, but we just don't talk. Since I do take my friendships (even online) very seriously, I want to devote my time to people who want to have conversation.

As always, if you feel I've cut you in error just let me know. This really isn't about stress or drama, I swear. It could easily be a misunderstanding :)
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