February 19th, 2009

Dean Smiles

A Few Announcements

Due to lack of time and other things going on, I honestly don't have much time for my communities. I haven't been up to date with them for quite some time, but I've reached the point where I know I won't be able to come back to them.

Since I would like to see them flourish if there is interest, I am opening them up to people who may want to take over.

daniel_weir: This was a pet project of mine and as much as I still enjoy the pairing, it's pretty much dead. If someone wants to take it over and revive it, please let me know.

jack_sara: There is interest in this pairing because I still see it going around. I even have more fic I would like to finish for this pairing. Since there seems to still be interest, I am willing to hand this over to someone that might be willing to make it a more interactive community. Currently, I created it as just an LJ archive for the fic.

sg1_knights: I am closing this one.

tealc_fic: This really is a big decision for me, one that I haven't made lightly. tealc_fic is my baby and I'm so very proud of it and what it has brought to the fandom. Once, long ago, I tried to make it interactive with challenges and contests, but there wasn't a whole lot of participation. Though, I think as the years have gone by, Teal'c has become more and more appreciated as a character. I would like to think that all the people who have posted there really contributed to the Teal'c love. But since I feel Teal'c really needs toto continue to have a place in fandom, I would be happy to pass this on to someone that could keep it going :)

It makes me sad to have to say goodbye, but I'm really not doing much with these communities. I'm not really doing much in ANY communities right now, no matter what the fandom. So if I can find these communities some decent maintainers, that would be awesome.