June 25th, 2009

Dean Smiles

So, what hooked you on Supernatural?

meg_tdj thinks I don't post enough about SPN, so here I go. For those of you who watch the show...what hooked you?

For me, it's hard to say. I actively fought against this show for like a year. I think I was into the show for longer than I realized, but I guess I officially "came out" in Season 3. However, prior to Season 3 there were so many blatant signs that I'm surprised I remained in denial so long.

The Signs

#1The Premise. I liked the premise when I first spotted a billboard sign for the show the summer before it even aired. But like I do most of the time, I never got around to watching. Little did I know the show was much much more than just two guys fighting the supernatural.

#2In My Time of Dying. I caught the end of the Season 2 premiere on a rerun Thanksgiving 2006 when I was channel surfing. The emotion and the family focus caught my attention enough that I found myself coming back more and more before I quit channel surfing to watch the rest. I felt horrible for that poor Dean guy. And John? Ouch. Ouija Board scene between Sam and Dean FTW (see icon), which prompted me to purchase…

#3The Season 1 DVDs. I bought them and hoped for the best. I admit to sitting on them for a while and refusing to watch. Maybe I was afraid the show would consume me. It took me a few months before I started watching. But a funny quote right prior to watching the pilot:

"I had a dream about Supernatural last night, which is funny since I don't watch that show. I dreamed of Dean and stuff that happened to him before the show. And that's pretty adventurous considering I don't even know how the show began."

I enjoyed the pilot, but I was critical of it and it wasn't anything special to me. I saw it kind of a "poor man's X-Files." I had fun watching a couple of eps a night during a vacation with the lights off, but it didn't really grab me. Until…

#4Faith. This episode hit all the right buttons with me. Still don't know exactly why, but I found myself hooked on this episode. It was emotional, compelling, interesting, and had the signature humor moments. It had the right "vibe." Plus it was also one of those episodes that peeled back the facades of the characters to let us see what was inside. The growing relationship between Sam and Dean? Sold.

#5Art. I made my first banner for my profile page in Feb 2007 and my first icon the day before. I wanted an icon to go with my SPN posts as I watched S1. By March, I was posting really crappy icons from Faith (and had already started rewatching that ep).

#6Season 2 Live. I graduated from watching a few reruns of S2 during the hiatus to watching the show as it aired. I started calling it one of "my shows" in March 2007. I hit a snag when I walked from the show after Roadkill and Heart, but I was coaxed back for the finale. I found it predictable and wasn't overly impressed. I wasn't sure I'd come back for S3.

#7I came back for Season 3. I watched sporadically at first, watching on TV and missing an ep or two, and watching online. By November, I was watching regularly. I started to suspect that I was hooked. But my suspicions really rose when…

#8Dreams. I have fandom dreams. I'll dream about whatever I am reading, watching, etc. I started having frequent Supernatural dream in the fall. Some of those dreams started forming into workable ideas for fanfic. I shared this dilemma with my friend Meg who was no help by encouraging me.

#9Fanfic. I started writing in Jan 2008. A week prior to admitting that, I posted this. By then, I knew it was inevitable. I was writing fanfic. I was totally gone.

And I've been gone ever since ;)
Angel of the Lord

Staring at the Blank Page

Anyone know of any supernatural beings with wings that are NOT angels or faeries?


ETA: As cool as dragons are, I need something more humanoid. Should have said that. But now I keep thinking of dragons. Thanks a lot! ;)
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