August 6th, 2009

Got Nothing

Writing Discussion

Wow, is everything down this morning?

Blantantly stolen from meg_tdj:

Question for fanfic writers: In your chosen fandom(s), which characters do you find the hardest and the easiest to write?

So I give you: Supernatural, SG-1, Smallville, and Dark Angel.


I find writing for this fandom to be HARD. It doesn't stop me, but sometimes I get emo and think I should. I think Dean is probably my strongest character. Most of the time I believe I get his dialogue and attitude right, and since I heavily idenitfy with his good AND bad qualities, I think I get into his head pretty well. But I can be hit and miss with him, too.

I default to Sam a lot because I find him more focused and serious than Dean. Plus, I like to write reactions to Dean which is easier from another point of view. Plus, I enjoy it. I have had trouble writing him in S4 because of the direction the show took, but once we got in his head the second half of the season it was a little easier. However, I honestly don't think I write him correctly half the time and it annoys me to no end. I have his research side down, but I seem to fail at his subtle digs and word plays. I get so angry about it sometimes I just want to be super emo and quit, LOL. I wish I could write him better.

Bobby and John have been hit or miss for me, though I've never written Bobby's pov (yet, though I have some planned) and I think I wrote John's pov once. But I have had them in stories, as I have Jo, Bela, Castiel, and Ruby. I think I do okay with them, but I haven't written them enough or long enough to really have an idea how well I write them.


Daniel is usually my default, but that doesn't mean he's the easiest to write for me. He's in my field so I get that aspect of him and he's sympathetic in many ways, but I'm not the strongest with his snark. I really have to work for it. Sam is similar. I'm a lot like Sam, and I can do her technobabble just fine, but I have a harder time writing her because the show often made her an emotional mess. I liked her better when she was fresh and green and excited in the early seasons. I found her easier to write.

My easiest to write? The two that are NOT like me. At least not that I can see. I find Jack the easiest and I adore writing him. And I've had so much fun writing Teal'c that it isn't funny. Those two brought me a lot of fannish joy.


I haven't written much SV fic, but I always write Clark. So far, anyway. I find he is a nice stable character and I can relate to his morals and good-nature. Plus, I'm an idealist. I especially like writing banter between him and Lois. Lois is a blast to write, but I've never done her pov. I seem more comfortable with being on Clark's side.

Dark Angel

I've only written a few, but it's no surprise that I adore Alec. Yet, I also find him hard to write. I find Max the hardest, and I haven't even attempted the other characters like Original Cindy, Logan, and Sketchy. The easiest? I was surprised that it was Joshua. I feel like I write Joshua best. But maybe that's just in my head. I've had a lot of positive feedback on the few stories I've written in this fandom, including requests for novels and long-fic. Maybe that's what happens when I fandom gets old. I know that from a writer's standpoint, this fandom could easily suck me in because there is so much to explore. I fight it everyday.

So that's that. I've written for some other shows, but these are the top ones. I find it interesting that sometimes the character least like me I wrote the best, but sometimes the characters most like me I wrote the best. So there isn't an answer that covers everything. It's all about context, the characters themselves, and the atmopshere of the show.

What about you?