August 28th, 2009

Dean Smiles

Random SPN Icons

Here are some of the icons I promised. I still have more to make and I didn't fill all the requests, but I will try my best. It's just smaller icons posts are easier for me than huge ones. I'm already backlogged as it is.

brihana25, I haven't forgotten your Alec request. I just haven't gotten to Dark Angel yet.

I am always open to requests, but I am more apt to follow through if you have a specific cap to give me. it's hard for me to make caps because my computer hates me, and I don't remember specific scenes enough to find them instantly.

As usual, if you like any feel free to take. You can change them or add to them as well. No comment or credit necessary. Including in this batch are: Dean, Sam, Sam and Dean, Castiel, Dean/Jo, Sam/Madison, Anna, and Ruby. Season 1-4.


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And one non-SPN icon that meg_tdj requested of Jim from Psych: