September 29th, 2009

Ellen and Dean

About Comment Fic

Random topic I know, but I'm on and off rambly today.

I was thinking about commentfic and how it comes so easily for some people and it's more of a struggle for others. Myself? I love a good prompt. Seriously. I adore inviting prompts. An interesting prompt sends me to all kinds of creative places. However, I struggle with commentfic and can't seem to do it often.

One, my commentfic always comes out to be actual fic. It's rarely ever short and my definition of short is long by some people's standards.

Two, trouble finding prompts. Most prompts I find just don't speak to me. I fear this means my view of the show (whichever show that might be) is very very different than anyone else's. I was just looking at a commentfic meme today and the prompts just seemed too OOC for me. It's been going on for a few days now, and still just nothing.

Three, the quick turnaround, which should be freeing and fun, ends up making me wonder if I should just focus on my WIPs instead since my commentfic never comes out very short.

But all this pondering on commentfic led me to think about the nature of fanfic itself. At least one aspect of it anyway.

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There has to be a more direct way of saying this but I fail at words this morning, LOL. So feel free to share and give your opinion, but please play nice. If possible, I'd love to not talk about Wincest in this post. Thanks :)
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Crack Wishlist and a Vid Request

Because I am trying to cheer myself up here...

The following is my crack idea wishlist.

I would love to see the following highly improbable cracky concepts on SPN before the show is over. If I don't see it, I won't be upset, but it would make me insanely happy. Maybe. This show is so heartbreaking. I would want these to be fun and maybe a little dramatic, not super charge angst. Heh.

1. Bodyswap. Sam and Dean swap bodies! Or Sam, Dean, and Bobby swap bodies! Think of the fun and angst! Every show does this. SPN should too *nods*

2. Christine homage. How about an episode where the Impala goes crazy? Yes? That little bit in the pilot where she chased the boys down was not enough.

3. Channel Hopping. I suggested this as a way to do a SPN/SV crossover, but I don't really want that to happen. Still, I could use an episode where the boys get sucked into their TV by the Trickster or something and are living different TV shows. That would be fun :)

4. Another curse episode. I loved the rabbit's foot episode. Can we have another like that? With something else?

5. Evil toothfairy.

Also, can anyone someday make me a fun/funny vid of Sam and Dean to "The Boys are Back in Town?" I love that song. It doesn't have to be now. Maybe we'll get some footage eventually in S5 where Sam and Dean are warmer towards each other. *sniff* But old footage and maybe eventual new footage would be cool :)
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Pass the Torch (Sam and Dean)

Icon Meme #1

1. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick SIX of your icons.
2. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I chose.

Okay, I am doing meg_tdj's first because I was mean and never did this meme last time. She picked all icons I made, so I will credit me in advance. Thanks Kerri!

This is Mulder from the second episode of X-Files ever. I love that episode and that scene is just stunning. Okay, it's stunning in the icon but as far as 90s effects go, not so much anymore. I still love this show so much. I made it to try to rekindle my heavy XF squee. It's still there but too much else going on right now.

As much as I love Alec and how Jensen played him in Dark Angel, I don't really ship Max/Alec. I ship Max/Logan when it's not stupid. And back at this point, it wasn't stupid at all. I loved how he was brainy, wordly, but in a wheelchair and how she was superpowered, moible, but in many ways naive. Their devotion to eahc other was very touching.

Meg chose one of my wing!fic icons. Bwahahaha. I've created a series where Dean gets wings, and he and Sam are trying to figure out how, why, and then how to reverse it. I haven't published many of the fics online yet, even though I've written a few, since I want the starter fic up and it's taking forever. But this icon is one of a few that were made specifically for my series. I'm self-centered like that ;)

Oh, this icon is special to me. I usually don't have time to really make icons where I merge images, but this one I did. And it really speaks to how I see part of the relationship between Dean and Cas. I call it "Castiel's Charge" and it's basically Castiel guiding and watching over Dean. Now, there's much more to their relationship and Dean also guides and watches over Cas, but I was focusing on this one aspect when I made the icon :)

I have a major kink for Dean in a graveyard. He's just so amazingly competent and smart and awesome in scenes like this. I really liked playing with the colors and contrasting the light and dark in this icon, so it's easily one of my faves.

Because our Winchester boys know how to strut and do their thang.
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Hopeful Sam

Icon Meme #2

1. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick SIX of your icons.
2. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I chose.

lastwordlinger's choices:

I've always loved Ellen and I thought she was amazingly awesome in the last episode we saw with her. I've always been a huge fan of Ellen and Dean scenes, and while I don't ship them at all, I just really love their dynamic. I see her as a no-nonsense motherly type to the boys :)

Dean/Jo. My new love. SPN remains all about the boys for me, but I've grown to become a Dean/Jo shipper. Pretty harcore, actually, for someone like me. Though, I feel like I've missed the party or something and most people have moved on. Little lonely, but I'll manage :)

icon by ramoniciu. I wanted a Ruby icon and decided on this one. I prefer Katie's Ruby to Gen's, though I'll eventually upload a Gen!Ruby icon to my list. I just loved how this looked. You can tell she's plotting just by the look in her eyes.

icon by padabee. One of my fave icon makers here. There's just something about this scene that is chilling and heartbreaking. Heartbreaking because Sam is falling apart and the brothers' relationship is strained. Chilling because it casts Dean as an interrogator, which calls back to the darkness he acquired in his time in Hell.

icon by peacefully. I mean, who doesn't love Kermit the Frog? I adore him to pieces. Such a big part of my childhood and my favorist Muppet.

Clois! I love Clark/Lois. Instead my stern, gen-loving self beats the heart of a true romantic. Clark/Lois is my OTP. I have loved them since I was a kid and their romance is one that is classic, epic, and timeless. This icon is from an episode of Smallville and while the episode itself was meh, I couldn't help but make on icon of such a pretty image from the episode :)

Those of you who answered the Icon Meme #1 and this post, I'll be asking you about your icons tomorrow. So be ready :)
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