June 1st, 2010

Dean Smiles

Rewatches and other stuff

I need energy. I am slowing down more and more each day. What's wrong body? Energize!

Anyway, a few things:

meg_tdj is doing an SPN rewatch this summer. She's already started and is about 9 or so eps into S1, but if anyone wants to join, feel free. It's watch an episode a day at your leisure, so no specific times are set up. I'll be jumping in this week and trying. I'm notoriously slow at rewatching anything.

Before she mentioned the SPN rewatch, I was planning a Dark Angel rewatch and just hadn't announced it. Well, I am announcing it now. Really low key and low pressure. I'm going to rewatch the series this summer/fall and I will be going at a ridiculously slow pace. So if any of you want to join me, that's cool. I'll only probably be watching 2-3 episodes a week, starting today.

There are no set posts or conditions or structure. Just thoughts on the episodes, some art if you feel like it, fic, whatever. I tried that with X-Files and that turned into nothing, sadly. So I am just using it as something fun to do over the summer and both shows don't have like 8+ plus seasons, so less pressure for me, LOL.

I'm behind on the TV meme, but I'll back to it shortly.

Yesterday, we did see some of the effects of the fires in Quebec. Everything was hazy and smokey. Yuck.

I had something else to say, but it's gone now. Ugh. So fatigued! Why?