August 9th, 2010


SPN Episodes Bad Day at Black Rock, Sin City, and some cleaning/fic news

So in my quest to keep on cleaning, I have started to go through my old notebooks. I'm bad for writing snatches of fic in different notebooks and I want to consolidate. And my notebooks tend to be this mish-mash of stuff from various years. So I have stuff in here from when I was in grad school, and then from when I was in business training sessions, and then stuff from just a couple of years ago.

I found tons of snippets from posted SG-1 fic, like Russian Roulette, part of A Priori, and some other stories. I also found a snippet I'd written from Pandora's Box from the SPN side of things.

But what cracked me up the most is two really quick notes I'd taken on S3 SPN episodes. This was when I was in denial about the show and I was "forcing" myself to watch it every week. I had already seen S1 at this point and fangirled it, but I had not seen much of S2 (only a handful of episodes), and my crazy obsession had died down. Little did I know it was just dormant and I was in denial like whoa.

Anyway, my exact notes for two episodes (and I don't take notes usually):

Bad Day at Black Rock (I actually named this Bad Luck at Black Rock)

-Sam funny
-Dean was cool
-Bad edits
-Bella - eh
-Bobby love

Decent ep but oddly placed. Not sure I like Sam keeping secrets, but Sam used to plot devices.

Sin City

Hammond! (spoiled but I forgot)

I like Ruby - I think it's different

Dean - made of awesome but oops

Themes of vices/human weaknesses. Nice but *word unreadable* Casey and Dean. Saw the priest coming.

HAHAHA. So funny. I also found some lists and some original story chunks I had been working on, but will likely abandon. Just not very good, you know? And I found some of my first first notes on series I want to write. Tons of notes on any angel story I wanted to write before I had even watched any Supernatural. And before angels were even on that show, heh.

So there. Just wait until I get to the OLD stuff. Oh man. That'll be hilarious.