December 6th, 2010

Rock On

Supernatural Wins TV Guide Cover


TV Guide had a poll and SPN fans pulled through. Supernatural will have its first Tv Guide cover for the Dec.13 edition. I am very happy for little show *pats it* Misha's comments on it are hilarious, as usual.

More on it here including the cover.

(Why must they erase Jared's moles and Jensen's freckles?! Many of us LIKE them. Grr.)

And of course, the cast (Jared, Jensen, Jim, and Misha) thanking the fans:

scary just got sexy

Been kind of out of it...

But I just went and read some LJ posts from the past couple of days and it was nice. I might not have commented, but know that it was great to read what you had to say.

Now if I could just be regular about posting/commenting again!
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