February 27th, 2011

Natural Talents

Writing: The Good News and the Bad

Okay, so I'm writing again both original and fanfic. Yay!

I'll just talk about the fanfic right now.

The Bad News:
I was aiming to post the next wingifc installment by the end of last month or this month. It's taking way longer than I wanted and holding me up for writing some other short pieces after it, but for those of you who do follow that series, I am continuing it and I am still very invested in it. I'm just very slow and distractable. (See below.)

The Good News:
Well, it's good news at least for me! In an effort to get some of my writing groove back, I took on a commentfic prompts over at hoodie_time for Dean having a vampire relapse. Sadly, it has turned from a mere commentfic into a short story. Fun to write, but really I should know by now that I can't write commentfic. My little distraction turned into a big one.

So that's where I'm at with fanfic right now.