December 31st, 2011

Vampire!Dean (blue)

Supposed to be "End of the Year Writing Meme"

I saw the "End of the Year Writing Meme" over on claudiapriscus's LJ and got excited. I always love doing those. I used to do these all the time when I was a prolific writer and reader, but 2011 was a very very crazy year for me. Did I even write this year?

So I went back to see the handful of fics I might have written in 2011 and was shocked to discover I had written one.


Wow. Remember the years I would write an obscene amount? 2011 was pretty busy. In some ways good and in some ways bad.

Overall, 2011 wasn't a good writing year for me. It would be one thing if I didn't have so much fanfic because I was submitting like crazy on the original fiction front, but I haven't really finished anything on that end of the spectrum either.

2012 has to change that.

My goals for 2012 are to stop stalling and send out my original stuff, and to finish my wing!fic series that surely everyone has forgotten.

I also have Dean h/c fic with the alt!Sam from a story of mine, and a very short Bobby fic where he plays daddy to the boys. Then we'll see if I translate any more of my ideas. I really want to focus on finishing that series of mine.

So here's to a more writerly New Year!

P.S: What was the one fic I had written? It was The Red Room, a story where Dean has a relapse of vampirism after Sam got his soul back. Maybe not my best, but it satisified me, and that is all that matters :)