April 24th, 2013

Intense Vampire Dean

Oh Supernatural Fans

I will say this and it has nothing to do with any spoilers.

It's pretty disappointing when I can't even read comments or reactions to the promos every week on various websites without someone complaining. It's either disgruntled Sam fans unhappy or disgruntled Dean fans unhappy or Castiel haters or whatever. It makes me feel that my usual complaint - that I want a cool supernatural storyline for Dean that is important or relevant (in additional to the caring and concerned brother) - is like brother bashing. I hate that. I don't bash any of the characters. Dean might be my fave, but I like all the characters. But that's what it feels like when all I see is negative. Everyone has a right to their opinions, including myself, but man. I often feel like no one even likes this show.

But anyway. I shouldn't read the comments. Just gets lonely!