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More Farscape Thoughts

Been watching more Farscape as the days pass by...

(Warning: Long post ahead)

Episodes I didn't like:

Beware the Dog
--The Bad: That little puppet thing drove me nuts. I hated it like 90% of the time.
--The Good: It was a decent story even if I could guess the plot near the beginning. And buggy!Rygel was creepy.
Won't Get Fooled Again
--The Bad: OMG...waaaay too over the top for me. Crichton and the ladies all over each other. No.
--The Good:I liked the concept. And bondage!Rygel and gay!D'Argo made me laugh out loud. Also loved the jokes of Rygel having a disability, etc. The end was the best where Scorpious is the one that helps him, but then makes John forget him.
A Clockwork Nebari
--The Bad: Um. Eyeballs. Seriously, I have this eyeball thing so I freak when I see it. This episode just make me feel icky. So, I turned away during that part. Surfer style Critchon annoyed me to NO END. Are we sensing a pattern here with my tastes?
--The Good: The plot was good. I like the Nebari storyline. And I'm always up for political intrigue. And "mind cleansing" is such a fascinating topic. As a person that reads and writes topics where identity is often the central issue, the Nebari cleansing thing is right up my alley. So are neural clones ;)

Episodes I liked:

Dream a Little Dream
--I liked this one because I am a Zhaan fan. I just am. I liked her in the first episode. Her and D'Argo seemed to have the most personality. (John and Aeryn took a while to grown on me. Jury is still out on Rygel and Chiana.) So, I liked this episode that gave us insight on how she handled her nightmares and her desperate search for John, Aeryn, and D'Argo. I also like how much she trusts and places her faith in John. However, is it just me or does it seem like Zhaan got really weak in Season 2? She always seemed like a strong if not sometimes amoral character. And I understand that she lost some of her strength from that incident with her people in season 1 and then with the fear of losing John and co, but the change just seemed really dramatic. Oh well. I didn't care for some of the Chiana and Rygel stuff here, but I still enjoyed the episode.
Out of Their Minds
--I liked this episode because it's one of the few fun eps that I really could appreciate the weirdness for. Yeah, so it's your standard switch bodies episode that seems to be a necessary element for any scifi show. But I've always loved switch body eps (X-Files, SG-1) so it was okay. My fave part? Rygel in Crichton trying to figure out how to pee. Very well done and funny.
My Three Crichtons
--My like of this episode is biased. I am an anthropologist and therefore this just appealed to my evolutionist side. While standard and cliche like most of the Farscape episodes, I still enjoyed the acting in the episode. The end was particularly well done.
Look at the Princess: A Kiss is But a Kiss
--I didn't think I would like this one at first. Especially with the kissing left and right. But once they said why, then I was satisfied. I like some explanation. I thought it as neat that is how they find if DNA is compatible. Most of the story was rather meh if you ask me, but it had many bright spots. And it lead into a lot of important things for the rest of the three parter.
Look at the Princess: I Do, I Think
--I liked this part better, for the most part. The political intrigue increased and the I liked the statue concept. D'Argo continues to impress me with his lines and his delivery. Though, John walking in and him and Chiana wasn't as funny to me as what they were aiming for.
The Locket
--I didn't hate this episode but I didn't overly love it either. I felt the biggest drawback was that I didn't feel a sense of time. Ironic when time was exactly what this episode was about. I had an easier time buying that Aeryn had aged and lived a long life. She convined me with talk of her granddaughter. But John aging didn't work for me. I didn't feel that same sense of time gone past. But it was still a good episode anyway.
The Ugly Truth
--I like eps where we can get different view points and angles on a story. I liked when it was done on the X-Files. So, for me, this was a great episode demonstrating how people can see the same thing in different ways. Some were subtle and some were not. It was an interesting ep.
Liars, Guns, and Money: A Not So Simple Plan
--I liked this three parter right off the bat. I was looking forward to getting to the Jothee storyline. And the Scorpious' neural clone storyline was coming to climax. I loved that storyline, btw. Not terribly new--even I wrote a similar story before the show started (as many others have before me) when I was working on Star Wars fanfic. But it's still a decent theme to play with.
Liars, Guns, and Money: With Friends Like These
--I liked revisiting old storylines and characters. I feared that many of them would get killed off, but I'm fairly used to that in all the shows I've been watching. The tension between D'Argo and John was fairly predictible and so was the outcome, but it was well acted anyway. Especially watching D'Argo's joy as he welcomed back his son and how that quickly changed to Aeryn's pain (and D'Argo's as well) when they realized John had sacrifced himself for D'Argo's son.

Episodes I Loved:

Look at the Princess: The Maltese Crichton
--I loved this episode for two main reasons. One, I loved the revisit to the "see your kid grown" story. I was taken by it in the first part (I think it was the first pat) but it was more emotional here since the princess was pregnant. Guys and babies just make me melt. It was heartbreaking to see John realize he'd never see his own daughter, and it was touching to see him hug the holographic form. Two, finally some build between the DNA kiss testing we saw in the very beginning of the first part. No words at the end, all emotional acting. Extremely well done scene between BB and CB as they find out whether they are compatible or not.
Liars, Guns, and Money: Plan B
--I loved this episode because it was the conclusion of a great three parter. John is succumbing to the neural clone and the strain in his mind is intense and well done. He fights so hard yet by the end of the episode it's far far too late for him. I adore the end scene when he's in schambles and D'Argo is there with him. And I finally sorta like Crais.
Die Me, Dichotomy
--John succumbs. I have to say, honestly, I didn't like this episode as much as the other two I have listed here in the ones I loved. It was really good and the plot is my style, but I only really really love this episode for the end. Aeryn's decent and death was moving. It killed John inside, yet he persisted in having the operation on his brain. Watching him lose memories and then suffer brain damage just to get the neaural chip out of his brain was fabuolus. Call me a sick twisted psycho, but I loved the fact he lost his speech at the end. And Scorpious left him that way to deal with all that had happened. Very well done. Looking forward to the next season.

...and I broke my DVD player.
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