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Fic Snippet Meme

I love memes like these for so many reasons. I occasionally post these for several selfish reasons. One, it helps motivate me to write and clear out my WIPs. Since I am moving into original fic more and more, I'm cleaning house for my fanfic, though I won't be stopping completely. I just need to put on the breaks and slow down. Two, it's a great motivator. If you see your stuff in front of you, it can sometimes help feed that urge to write. I think that could be helpful for several people on my flist who write. And finally, there is a good chance that people will post this on their journal and it means I get a chance to read other people's stuff. *hint hint*

I doing this one for SG-1, but you can do it for any fandom, really.

Post a little snippet of your current WIPs and if so inclined tell us a little bit about them.

First Encounters

Sam shook her head. "No, sir. It's similar to the reasoning why alternate versions of ourselves cannot exist on the same plane together without causing entropic cascade failure." She paused, working through the facts that were buzzing through her mind. "Though time travel is different. Here, we're talking about a precise conflict where any matter can't occupy the same space, time, and dimension."

"Okay," O'Neill said, giving the impression he was boring with the conversation. "Just find a way to fix it so that on the trip home I don't end up being fused with a rock."

Sam started, not sure she heard him correctly. "Fix it? Sir, this is well beyond my understanding."

"So, understand it. Daniel will help you."

Sam exchanged a worried glance with Daniel. While he might not comprehend the exact mathematics and factual data behind the devices, and truthfully neither did she, Daniel understood their predicament. Sam knew that Daniel was aware that Colonel O'Neill was asking for assurances that she just couldn't give. They'd taken a chance going back in time, and this was part of the risk.

"I think that the devices themselves make adjustments to the calculations during transport if matter is already occupying a space," she theorized, inwardly wincing at the sight of the uneasy faces of her friends.

"Think?" O'Neill questioned.

"Jack, this isn't an exact science," Daniel replied on her behalf. "I don't think you understand…"

"Oh, I get it. I'm just telling you to work on it." He opened up his arms and gestured to the park around them. "We have all the time in the world."

This is an old one I started ages ago, even long before Moebius aired. It begins with the a standard scifi premise and one that I just know exists in the SG-1 universe. What if Anubis sent an assassin back in time to kill Daniel so he couldn't be involved in the program and later complicate Anubis' campaign for domination? Time travel fic is cliche, imo, but I wanted something fun to write and I started on this. I had two choices. I could have made it a Season 6 fic and had it all angsty as SG-1 protects a young Daniel or I could go for a more comedic ad lighthearted approach with a Season 7 team. I chose the latter and I feel it's more fitting when using this form of cliche. Hopefully, the fic will come off being enjoyable. It's not one to take itself too seriously, but at the same time it's not all gags and laughs either. A comedic drama I guess would describe it, in the same vein as episodes like Window of Opportunity and Urgo.


"Nothing happened within the laboratory?" Hammond asked him, his voice hard.

"Lab-laboratory?" Daniel stared at the general, his mouth open. What laboratory? Sam's lab? Turning his head, his gaze fell to Sam, hoping maybe she could shed some light on this conversation.


At least she came to his defense. "Sir?" she asked. "I don't understand. What laboratory?"

"No lab," Daniel said. "We—" He motioned between Sam and himself. "We weren't in a lab."

"I see," General Hammond said. He tapped the table, but the hardness in his gaze didn't disappear. It grew, and it spread outward, causing Daniel to back into himself. "So, Doctor, you don't have any memory of the laboratory within the catacombs?"

"What?" Daniel asked, cringing at the panic that had slipped into his voice. "No, we went down, looked at the vault, and we—"

He stopped, his eyes widening as he realized what was happening.

This…this wasn't a briefing. This was an interrogation.

He clutched the table harder.

"What's this all about?" Daniel asked. He lowered his voice, allowing for his anger to keep his tone steady and in control.

"Colonel O'Neill has informed us of some additional details considering your trip through the Stargate," General Hammond said flatly. "I'm afraid you haven't been forthcoming with us, Doctor Jackson."

Despite the fact this scene focus on Daniel, the story isn't really about him. It's about Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel and how they learn to solidify their bonds together since Jack is incapacitated (in a way). It takes place not long after the episodes Cold Lazurus and Brief Candle, to give a time frame. The team is still fairly new, but have been together for at least some period of time. However, I always saw that the team in Season One had their ties mainly through Jack: Daniel relied on Jack since he came back from Abydos; Jack was the motivation for Teal'c turning on Apophis; Sam had the military second-in-commnd connection to Jack. Any other team dynamics were sketchy at this point, aside for maybe Sam and Daniel who hit it off quickly. This fic explores how they start to trust each other without Jack, but also through Jack as they pool together to help him. Also, it highlights Janet Fraiser and General Hammond becoming closer to SG-1 as well.

Ghosts in the Machine

When he saw Doctor Weir break through the clearing, Daniel moved away from Rodney and Sam, allowing them to finish their work, and started to make his way to where the rest of Atlantis' premier expedition team were waiting. They had already begun to unpack an assortment of supplies. Though, to be honest, Daniel wasn't really sure just how useful they would be.

"Doctor Jackson," Weir said brightly, though he was sure her tone sounded tempered by the seriousness of their situation. "Any progress?"

"Daniel," he reminded her. "" Daniel took a deep breath. "Rodney and Sam are still working on the mechanics of the device, but..." He sighed. "It may take a while."

"We'll try to make things as comfortable for you as possible in the meantime," she said.

Daniel nodded, knowing the futility of it all, but was touched by the sentiment nonetheless. "Thank you, Doctor Weir."

"Elizabeth," she said.


Daniel winced, hearing Mitchell shout and slam his pack onto the ground. Weir arched her eyebrow.

"Oh, don't worry about him," Daniel said, dismissing Mitchell with the wave of his hand. "He's just grumpy since he's never been dead before."

I've been wanting to do a crossover for a long time. I have some bits--like this--but since I am a chronological writer, I don't have much done on this fic. It's based in the fact I wanted SG-1 to make it to the Atlantis universe in a nonconventional way and this idea sprung on me. I don't think it would be as long of a fic as the others, since it doesn't have as many plot twists as my usual stories do. There are a couple, but the story is fairly straightforward. It's more of an SG-1 fic than SGA, since SG-1 is my fandom. But I'm looking forward to completing it.


Jack felt his jaw drop slightly as he stared at the landscape. There were Goa'uld skeletons everywhere.

"Whoa," he managed to say.

"It appears to be a Goa'uld gravesite," Teal'c said, stopping to kneel and finger the small bones.

"More like a mass grave," Jack muttered. He'd never seen so many Goa'uld bones in one place before. Aside from that time on Cimmeria...

He froze. Not at all pleased how the data was adding up, he turned to Carter for a second opinion. Just based on her pale expression, he figured she'd reached the same conclusion.

"Looks like Nick has some powerful friends," Jack said, kicking aside some more bones. "Let's go find Daniel and get out of here."

I had started a story a long time ago that focused on whatever happened to Nick, since we haven't heard about him in forever. Now, if they ever do revisit the Nick storyline then this would immediately become an AU, and that is probably why I've held off writing it. It's one that I'd like to finish though, since it focuses on the giant aliens, the Mayans, and the story of the Popol Vuh, which I've done some reserach on in my own studies. Since it does focus on Nick, there is a heavy Daniel component so it's more of a Daniel-centric/team fic.

Afterglow (This is the one for you, surreallis )

Sam cleared her throat, angry with herself, and pushed back the warmth that had overwhelmed her. Yet, she could still feel it coursing through her veins, if not subdued. She glanced back toward the stairs and thought of Daniel. She felt the need to check on him.

Biting back the urge, she narrowed her eyes, her accusing glare on both Malpu and his wife Tanna. "What did you do to us?" she demanded.

Again, they only stared back at her with shock. For a moment, Sam thought it was genuine, and she faltered. What if the Tuogans hadn't done anything? They had been impressed with SG-1 and had urged them to stay and spend some time on their world. They had never showed any aggression towards them and had treated them with the best hospitality.

What the hell had happened to them? Sam didn't want to consider the alternatives.

"We have to return through the Stargate," she said. The uncertainty was starting to break her resolve. She needed to leave. They needed to leave. "We'll be leaving tonight."

Malpu seemed heartbroken. His pale skin dipped into a somber blue. "Will you and your companion be returning?"

"I don't know," she said honestly. She didn't. But she and Daniel had to be examined immediately.

"I hope you and your companion are well," Tanna said, standing beside her mate. "Mi pata."

Sam blinked, taking a second to process the blessing. "Mi pata," she said in return, rather grudgingly. She turned and left, making her way up the stairs until she reached her suite.

surreallis wanted an icon fic with Sam/Dan and UST. I couldn't think of anything that would fit aside from an old idea I'd been toying around with. So I decided to use it. It's a standard "aliens made them do it" kind of fic, but I'm hoping it will be good enough to rise above the cliche. (And you know how I feel about cliches.) I'm fairly pleased with it so far so we'll see how it turns out.

I do have a lot of other fics, like the rest of my Teal'c fics and Sam/Teal'c fics for the challenges I entered. And I've started a few of the final icon fics as well. (Though, Afterglow is both a fic I had planned but I am using for an icon fic.) But I'm just listing the major fics here -- ones that will be of considerable length. In this case, anything 30 pages+ to novel sized. I have tons more ideas, unfortunately, with new ones piling up each day. I'm keeping track of them all in the event I do write those, but I'm not in any hurry to finish any of these right now. I want to work on the ones I've started first and then maybe entertain the rest at a later date and maybe when I am done some of my original stuff. All of that, of course, is subject to change as inspiration and creavity cannot always be dictated in a coherent form.

So, that where I stand. Why not post this in your journal and share a little bit about your current projects--no matter what fandom--and why you have them? It might help motivate you and you'll have the chance to share with others. I know that I'm all ears :)
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  • Fandoms

    I was scrolling through some old posts on my various fandoms. I miss it :( Man, was I into fandom or what? Art, fic, discussion, and pure squee.…

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