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Emotional characters

I am watching the TNG episode where Picard goes home and visits his brother. Can I just say the scene where they are fighting in the mud and then laughing and then Picard crying is brilliant? (so is the Worf and foster parent think but Picard's scenes were amazing.) I am not a Trek fan, but I did watch some TNG back in the day. I always liked the characters. Sometimes a plot doesn't have to be fabulous for me. As long as I can believe in the characters, I am there. It's what drew me to Smallville originally. X-Files. It's what brought me to SG-1 and incidentally, it is what drives me away from other shows. And I think this is what makes a break a show for me. The plot is an extra bonus. But if the characters are sound, I can really sink my teeth into it.

I hope that I can create characters that get you in the gut someday.
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