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Fic: By Her Judgment

This fic was written for the Sam Carter Ficathon at samcarterfic to promote GEN Samfic. Because there is never enough gen fic out there. While the following fic is Sam-centric, it is very much a classic team fic. It was fun to try to put a unique twist on an old type of storyline. I'm glad that I participated.

Title: By Her Judgment
Author: Moonshayde
Rating/Warning: PG-13/minor language, violence
Spoilers: Non-specific spoilers up to and including Season 5
Recipient: kellifer_fic
Request details: Who wants: "Sam being protective of the boys,
something unusual being used as a weapon and SG-1 dealing with an
offworld matriarchal society."
And doesn't want: "Pregnancy or marriage or gender bending."

Summary: After encountering a matriarchal society, Sam takes command of SG-1 to ensure friendly negotiations. However, Sam's skills as a soldier, a scientist, and a friend are pushed to their limits when SG-1 falls victim to the society's biases and instability.

Disclaimer: On-site.

By Her Judgment
Tags: fic: sg-1/sga gen
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