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TV and Me: Not Meant to Be

I've come to believe that I'm just not a TV person. When I was a kid, I watched TV alot. I always finished my homework quickly and I never had to study much, so I had a lot of time on my hands. And I played outside like a normal kid. So, how I managed to watch so much TV is a mystery to me.

It was great. I watched so many shows that I can't count them all. That started to change when I hit high school. I didn't watch as much since I was busier, but I still managed to find some shows I'd stay with, such as Sliders and The X-Files. But even those shows were hit and miss. It took me two tries to get into X-Files.

I believe college killed my interest in TV just as it hindered my interest in reading liek crazy. I've since recovered and read again, though I am more likely to pick up a nonfiction book in my field over some fantasy book that sounds like it bought cliches by the dozen.

I didn't have a TV my freshman year of college and missed most of Season 4 of The X-Files. But it didn't bother me much. I watched a lot on repeats and I had a TV the following year so I kept up with the show that way. But I really just became a casual viewer of everything else, even catching a SG-1 episode here or there. You usually had to pull my teeth to get me to watch anything -- my brother got me into Smallville and I happened on Firefly by accident. I got into SG-1 while on a relaxing vacation and I watched repeats. I've watched it religiously ever since. It was all about timing and at the time, the show worked for me.

I've tried to get into different TV shows but it's just not my thing. I haven't gotten into Lost. I tried to watch House. The acting was pretty good and some of the stories were fine, but it's not my thing. I think the ship stuff on that show killed any and all interest I might have had for it. I casually watch Farscape when I can and I still have Dr. Who to watch. (But they don't count. If I have access to DVDs I'm more likely to watch a show -- something about the convenience of having it at my fingertips when I want.) I never liked Friends or ER. I barely watch SGA. I casually watch Eureka. I only casually watched TNG. I tried Threshold and it didn't grab me. I have no interest in the new Nightstalker repeats on SciFi and I quit watching BSG. The only show I don't watch casually right now is SG-1. And that's ending so...

My TV days might actually be going on a full hiatus soon ;)
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