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S6 Smallville Premiere

I have this love hate relationship with Smallville. I love the mythos and the characters but I tend to hate the contrived plots and stupid love triangles.

That being said, I liked tonight's episode. I thought it was fantastic. No one annoyed me! Not even Lana!

At first, all the exposition about Krypton by Zod was a bit corny. But the episode quickly settled into something more comfortable. Lana and Lex were great. I just like Lana with Lex. She doesn't end up as some simpering little thing. She works. She and Clark just never worked out well for me. Their scenes were always flat.

I loved how we finally have Clark in a position where he's really not romantically involved. He's lost Lana. He waited too long for Chloe. (Dumb alien.) He seemed to be developing some feelings for Lois, but it's unrequited. So we have this Clark who is alone.

This is what I've wanted. Clark needs to figure himself out before he can really get into a relationship. And in the end, he'll be with Lois anyway. So they don't really need to explore that aspect of him.

I was a little uneasy about the hints of Clark/Chloe/Jimmy they threw in, but it seemed to work out well. I like Jimmy and I like the idea of Jimmy/Chloe and the fact that Clark is showing he's not going to be competition. We also had a very mature Chloe. She continues to impress me. I do feel back for the shippers that ship Clark and Chloe though, if this is TPTB's way of ending that ship, too.

The scene with Zod/Lex and Clark fighting was great! I loved it. And when Zod was ripped from Lex, he was so was movie!Zod. The likeness was unmistakeable. That was a fabulous touch :)

Anyway, great start for the season. The pieces are starting to fall together. Clark is embracing who he is -- both the man and superman and Lex is being set on his own path. All the characters are starting to move toward own their own destinies and I enjoy that.

But I can't help it. Clark holding Lois' hand made me squee. I love Clois very very very much. And while I don't want to see it on Smallville since it would ruin the whole "Lois loves Superman but Clark loves Lois" bit which is intergral to the Superman mythos, the fact they are contining to hint at Clark's growing feelings for Lois is great. I expect him to continue to develop feelings for her; it makes sense after all.

I am excited to see how Lex/Lana progresses and Jimmy/Chloe. I am excited to see how Clark and Lois continue to work their way to their future selves. And mostly, I am excited to see how Lex and Clark continue down their own paths as they become their mythic forms.

Very nice!
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