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Farscape: Season of Death

Okay, here are my thoughts on the season three premier

I have to admit that I am disappointed. I don't know. I'd put off watching this episode for a while because I knew something was going to happen, but I still thought this episode would have more impact than it did. I mean, I simply loved the finale. I really did. I loved the pain and the helpless John was feeling as he lay without speech, his mind in shambles, Aeryn gone. But with Season of Death, it took forever for the storyline to actually get moving. I didn't feel like we got anywhere until Zhaan, D'Argo, and Stark made it to John to help him. It got better there.

The highlight had to be the Zhaan and Aeryn moment. The music was right and the acting was right. It was the best moment of the episode imo. I think both actresses played it well. And I thought that Stark was well played in this episode as well.

However, after the moment with Zhaan and Aeryn, I felt like the rest of the episode was anticlimatic. The fight with Scaryn. The battle in space. Meh. They were okay.

And Chiana, Rygel, and Jothee were boring.

The end was okay. Again, for me, still anticlimatic. Zhaan is dying. Aeryn says no to John (again). I just found the whole episode so disappointing in light of how good the end of Season 2 was. The best part was Zhaan and Aeryn, wasn't enough to make the episode for me.

Still, it was better than most episodes I've seen. And theme song is better. Not so many dying ewoks wailing in it. I hope that the next episode is better.
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