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Farscape: Suns and Lovers

I just finished watching the next episode in Season 3.

I rather liked this episode. In fact, I thought it was much better than Season of Death. The build and the pacing matched the momentum of the episode, and all of the characters added to the plot in some way. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it considering I really don't care about this D'Argo/Chiana/Jothee triangle. But what won me over was the emotion in this episode. John and D'Argo had this great buddy feel to them. John had this parent-like vibe with Jothee and Chiana. Aeryn in her pursuit of finding and saving the kids. Zhaan isn't dead yet. And Stark was not bad. (He can either make me cheer or pull my hair out.) Even Rygel didn't annoy me and that says something. And the moments between John and Aeryn and Zhaan and Stark were very nice.

I think that's all I have to say about it. But it was good.
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