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Farscape: Self-Inflicted Wounds through Scratch n' Sniff

Okay, so I've been watching some more Farscape over the past few days.

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Both parts to this episode were awesome. They really did Zhaan justice here. And the story tied so much together: Zhaan's spiritual path; John's obsession with wormhole technology, Scorpius; D'Argo's pain; and the various relationships on the show. Jool got annoying at times, but not enough to make me angry. And I even liked Rygel in this. That's amazing. All in all, these two were probably two of the best episodes I've seen. Then again, I love Zhaan so I'm biased ;) I think the final line was the best when Harvey wonders why it's the gentle ones that always pay the price for other people's obsessions.

...Different Destinations

I really really enjoyed this episode as well. I'm a fan of time travel stories, and they didn't give this one a happy ending. I didn't think they would, but I'm glad they didn't cop out and give it a nice sweet ending. My one gripe with this episode is how everyone on the ship was unaffected. It would make sense to me that those who were sent back would know a difference, but for those that were not involved it didn't make sense that they could track the changes. It really was for plot purposes only and that bugged me. Aside from that, it was a really moving episode and demonstrated why time travel is such a bad idea, and how time distorts history, making real heroes forgotten while ordinary people become heroes. They even touched upon some varying time travel theories, too.

Eat Me

This was a rather disgusting episode at times, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The fact that Chiana's self-preservation mode kicked into gear and she allowed herself to die was really frightening, and the effect it had on here was played well. Jool annoyed me in this episode, but we had the twinning of John at the end. My favorite scene had to be where John and John were playing rock, paper, scissors and neither could win. Not played for laughs, just sad. Very sad. Done very well.

Thanks for Sharing

Another great episode. Very good plot. I liked the John's bickering and the group of people down on the surface. The conspiracy, the changing of Johns, and the aliens and their lies were all fascinating. Jool didn't bother me in this episode. Plus, the whole reveal of Aeryn's mother by Crais had a Star Wars feels to it but it was good. All in all, this was more of a set-up episode with one John heading off with Crais and Aeryn (and Rygel and Stark) with the other John getting left behin with Jool, D'Argo, Pilot and Moya. I knew this was going to happen at some point since I caught a couple of bits of Losing Time a months or two ago, and I had been dreading it ever since. But it didn't go down half as bad as I thought it would. And the frustration John showed to his other self in the end was palpable.

Green Eyed Monster

I thought I was going to hate this episode. The crew is split up; I'm not happy. But this episode was yet another fantastic episode. By this point, I had not watched one disappointing episode aside from the premier Season of Death. I liked the build against John. Even though it was pretty apparent from the beginning it was Talyn, I did like that it was not as simple as that and that Crais had a large part to do with it. I thought the whole interplay between John, Aeryn, and Crais was fantastic in this episode. They've come a long way in fleshing out Crais' character. He was one of the main reasons why I didn't enjoy season one that much, but they really did a good job with him over the course of season two and now season three. I liked the struggle with Aeryn, how she was coming to terms falling in love. I do have a little bit of an isue with that cliche (tough woman becomes whole through love--seems a bit of a male fantasy to me) but at least it was well-acted. The end was sweet, though, with John telling Aeryn that she is the star that guides him. That was very nicely done.

Losing Time

I liked this episode too. I am a big fan of "people get taken over by aliens" theme and even though they've done it before on this show, it doesn't ever get old. I enjoyed it and I thought it was well-acted. Very well-acted. I like how John's obsession is pretty much consuming him, while the other John is living a completely different kind of life. The two of forming into different people and I am sure it will have repercussions in the end. But again, the entire episode was enjoyable and a little creepy at times, and I loved it.


Yet another good episode. I was so surprised with how many good episodes we got in a row. I was still iffy about the whole Aeryn's mother thing. It could either be played well or become a disaster. I wasn't really looking forward to having her redeemed in the end nor did I think it was fair to wrap it all up so quickly. But it was played somewhere in the middle and that was the best way to go, imo. The battles between Aeryn and her mother, the hopes and dreams crashed, and the ugly reality were done incredibly well. Plus, the scenes with John and Crais were fantastic too. I loved the pain at the end and how it ripped through Aeryn. Wonderfully done.


I was iffy about this one, too. Scorpius trying to sway John to his side? I was like eh...but the idea that John was clone in Scorpius' head pretty much sold me on the idea of an entire episode devoted to the character's past. I don't think I would have found it as entertaining otherwise. But indeed, it was good. The backstory helped to flesh out the person that Scorpius had become and showed us that his motives might not all be for power and discovery. There is self-preservation and revenge in there. So, I'm interested to see how this develops and I am glad that the remnant of John's psyche didn't just buy the whole story and open up, whether it is true or not. I like it when characters act as the characters they are and don't have sudden changes that just work for the story. So this worked for me. Unfortunately, this is the last good episode of Season 3 I have seen thus far.


Didn't like this one. I tried, but I didn't like it. I think episode touched upon hints that Crais might not have killed Aeryn's mother -- doubts on the part of John -- but I can't remember if it was this episode or not. I thought that was cool. But the rest? Meh. John and Aeryn fooling around. Stark who was "stark-raving mad." Rygel just eating and eating. Talyn being annoying. Funky alien aldy bored me. Crais really was the only character that interested me. I didn't feel the story really held up very well at all. There were hints of story laced throughout but really it was only an excuse to have John and Aeryn goof off and get sexual. I don't tend to respond well to story devices like that. I'm not anti-romance at all. I'm actually a fairly romantic person. But it annoyed me in this episode. Maybe it was the music. I hated that theme they kept playing behind John and Aeryn. I did enjoy the end though where John got through to Stark by telling him that Aeryn was his Zhaan. He spoke to Stark in ways only Strak could understand and it was well done.

Scratch n'Sniff

I haven't finished this episode. It's not very good imo. The cuts and flashbacks that were there to create the mood fell flat for me. And the whole party atmosphere didn't make for a good story. I was bored most of the time, from what I've seen, and sort of zoned out during most parts. The only real highlight for me here was some of John and D'Argo's banter and the alien lady that's BB's wife. I thought she did a phenomenal job, as always. I'll watch the rest of the episode eventually but it just didn't hold me. I hope the rest of the season is better. I know that I was on such a high after so many good episodes in a row. To hit two duds back to back was a major disappointment.

So, we'll see.
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