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Smallville: Reunion

Wow, I think I love this show again.

I didn't get to watch this episode until today, but wow. Wow! I don't know. It felt sort of like classic Smallville in certain wats. Loads of continuity.

I am a fan of flashbacks and I've always loved the Lex ones. They just really give a lot of insight into his character, you know?

*happy sigh*

I don't have much to say. I just loved the episode. I think it's my fave so far, and I loved Arrow.

*Lex and Oliver flashbacks
*Lex and Lionel scene
*Clark and Lionel scene (I keep enjoying these and I don't know why!)
*Romance not overdone
*Lois and Clark investigating both on their own and together!!!!!!!

Meh stuff
*Oliver is taking over a little too much
*Not enough Clark and Lex scene

Lana didn't annoy me this week either. Chloe is sort of non-existent, but I don't think she really would have had much to do in this episode anyway. I think that in the episodes that don't have Oliver or Lois in them, Chloe will have a bigger role. It's my guess TPTB are doing this because of the way they have the episodes done. Makes sense to me.

It was really good though. I love how Clark is maturing. I love that Lex had something to do this week. I love how Lois is developing. And I like scheming Lionel. Yay yay!

I always find this show works best when it focuses on Clark or Lex. They have't done enough of that lately.

So glad we're on the right track this season!
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