Working for the Mandroid (moonshayde) wrote,
Working for the Mandroid

Smallville: Fallout

Playing catch up on the Smallville eps I've missed. And this one is a keeper.

Excellent episode. The Lex and Lana scenes were fantastic. Lana didn't annoy me. (Yay!) And Lex had that subdued slyness to him where you can see that darkness just beneath the surface. Loved it.

Clark and Raya? Awesome. I thought the actress that played Raya was a little dry this time, but she served the purpose of pushing Clark toward his future. This is important.

The villian was okay.

I didn't like the Chloe and Jimmy scenes, though. I found myself feeling really bad for Jimmy. Now, I'vew always liked Chloe, even when she was betraying Clark back in S2/S3, but for some reason she rubbbed me the wrong way this episode. I felt like she was condescending to Jimmy and patronizing. Maybe it's because this relationship is already doomed. Mind you, I like that they are writing Chloe with faults.

But the end? Just fantastic. With Clark accepting his destny, preparing himself to train after he takes care of finished business. It was all wonderful. Great episode!

Tags: tv: smallville discussion/meta
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