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Supernatural: In My Time of Dying

I watched most of this episode, so I figured I'd give my honest two cents. And mix some more metaphors ;)

Since I was like 3, I have been a fan of stories that involve the occult or the supernatural. It's my thing. Aliens and wizards just sort of fell into place later. And as I became older, I realized I had this love of mythology and how cultures use it to explain the world around them, especially the unknown. Therefore, it is no suprise that I love Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, X-Files, and Smallville: all these shows have mythology as an important aspect of their being.

So, finally, I said what the hey. I am alone, there is nothing on TV at all, and I'm recovering from being very sick.

In My Time of Dying was very good.

I found it felt a lot like X-Files in lighting and tone. Well, X-Files from the early days. I also found it echoed a lot of what I write which kinda left me uncomfortable. It was extremely well acted and you could feel the characters' emotions.

Maybe I just like to see guys beat up and in hospital gowns. Maybe ;)

The episode was not unflawed, however. I came in 15-20 minutes into the episode or something like that. I read the little TV Guide blurb about Dean in a coma. That is all I needed to know. I immediately knew that the woman was the grim reaper. No surprise. The whole speech of how angry spirits become angry spirits was okay. Been done tons and tons of times before. I also knew that Pops was going to be pushing up daisies in the end.

Unfortuanetly, the episode was horribly predictible. I didn't have any sense of surprise and it wasn't at all suspenseful for me. I don't even know how any of that could be fixed. I wouldn't go as far as to say it was cliche, but it wasn't at all original.

Fortunately for the episode, the acting was strong enough to balance out its lack of creativity. Though I knew it was going to happen, at least I felt the emotions between the characters. And for the scene when we found out that Dean could become an angry spirit, even though I pointed out it's lack of originality, it's still a good scene. I've always loved moments when characters are faced with a decision of that magnitude. And what is worse than becoming what you fight to destroy? That is one of my fave themes in mythology.

I'd still be interested in seeing more some day. I just don't know what that next opportunity will arise.
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