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I was going to write some tonight, but instead I just jotted down some ideas and notes. While I did that, I turned on Scifi and rewatched Icon. Now, I've seen this episode a handful of times before, but not since early 2005 at the latest. I own the DVD, but never watch it. So, it's been awhile.

Sometimes distance can be refreshing.

I've always had mixed feelings about this episode. On the one hand, I thought it was a great Daniel episode. I saw Daniel, not MS. We got angsty Daniel. And we got SG-1 pushing to find him. All of these things should make for a good episode.

Yet, it never quite gelled for me. I found that it was slow and the flashbacks just didn't jive well. I tend to be the most critical of Daniel as well, as I usually am with my fave characters. So I won't automatically like an episode just because it is about Daniel.

What are my thoughts now? I like it. I've always liked it, but before I found it very disjointed and slow. Not so tonight. It didn't move slowly for me and I rather liked the depressing feel to the entire episode. I also liked the music. Maybe it's just the timing. Maybe it's because I miss Jack and old SG-1. Maybe it's because it still speaks to the old storylines and not the Ori. Maybe it is nostalgia from knowing what happens later in Ethon. Whatever the case may be, I didn't find it as slow this time. I found the politics more interesting and my love for Kane just continues to grow.

I never have given the actress who plays Leda enough credit. She did an incredible performance in this episode. I loved all the scenes with her and Kane and Daniel.

And I really enjoyed the scenes with the rest of SG-1. I liked Teal'c and his reactions to Soren. I loved that Sam and Jack didn't want to give up. I felt this episode tonight and it made me miss SG-1 all over again.

I still think the episode could have been better. The pacing could use some help, even if it didn't bug me tonight. There should have been a better way to use the flashbacks. In Meridian, the flashbacks were done great. This episode, not so much. It's confusing how they switched back and forth. Not even the little subtitles of "Three Months Ago" helped much. Really, that is my biggest nitpick of the episode.

I would have liked to see Daniel interact more with his teammates. Unfortunately, that was par the course for Season 8: separate everyone. But all in all, upon viewing it again after at least a year and 1/2, the episode has grown on me. All the characters were in character to me. It was one of the good spots of Season 8.

It's left a hole in my stomach and left me reflecting on the team of Season 8. And that's a good thing.
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